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big problem with receiver

i've been having a big issue with my receiver i just purchased a yamaha rx-v463 and i got that with the klipsch speakers and sub. the problem is that i connect my high def cable box and ps3 and when i switch to play games and watch movies on the receiver it doesn't show the picture and it keeps flashing pcm what can be causing this
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Re: big problem with receiver

It depends on the reciever, What kind of cables are you using to connect to the unit? That unit just does video pass through, through HDMI no audio, so you may need video and audio cables. Just depends on how you have it hooked up and if the connection is tight enough
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Re: big problem with receiver

I would recommend going though your menu system.  Many systems require you to specify what kind of connection to use for each audio and video source.


Since it is flashing PCM, you may need to tell where to look for your audio signal (i.e. Coax or TosLink(SpDif))

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