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Re: DEBT PROT {removed per forum guidelines} Scam

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I AM LIVID! I purchased $4300 in appliances with zero interest for 24 months. I took my total and divided it by 24 and set up autopay. I haven't looked at it because I didn't see a reason too as I have no interest and no new purchases. Today, I chose to look and see what my balance is now and I notice I've been charged this Debt Protection fee since August! 

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Re: DEBT PROT 1-800-365-6256 Scam



Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. I'm concerned to hear that you've been charged a fee with your Best Buy Credit Card that you weren't expecting, which I certainly understand can be a frustrating experience. 


Please know that the My Best Buy® Credit Card is issued and maintained by Citibank, N.A., and as such, they would be best equipped to look into your card statements, and any outstanding balances you might have.  Going forward, I recommend continuing to work with them directly at 1-888-574-1301 to explore what additional options might be available to you. If you'd like, I'd also be happy to document this here in our systems at our corporate office, so it's in file. To do so, I would just need you to send me a private message that includes your full name, email address, and phone number.


Best Regards,

Caleb|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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