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iPad 2 FAQ

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Reservation Process:



How do I make a reservation?

We are not currently accepting reservations for the iPad 2. We suspended reservations for the time being due to inventory constraints.


Can I make a reservation on

No. Currently, the iPad 2 is only available in store.


Is there a deposit required to reserve an iPad 2 at Best Buy?

Yes, a $100 fully refundable deposit is needed and will be in the form of a Best Buy gift card.


Does the $100 Best Buy gift card, issued for the deposit, need to be used on the iPad 2 purchase?

No, it can be used for anything at a Best Buy store or on and does not need to be used to purchase the iPad 2.


How will I know when my reservation for the iPad 2 is available to purchase?

Your local store will contact you using the information you provided them when you placed the reservation.


How long do I have to pickup my iPad 2 once I have been notified it is available?

48 hours.


Is the $100 deposit (gift card) refundable?

Yes, it can be returned as long as it has not been used. Or, it can be used on another purchase.


Please note: Not all locations offer the reservation process that is outlined in this FAQ.


General FAQ:


What different iPad 2 models are available?

Black and white versions of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with wifi, as well as respective versions for Verizon 3G or AT&T 3G. There are 18 different models in total.

Will my local store have the iPad 2 model I want?

All Best Buy stores carry the six wifi versions. Only stores that have an Apple area will carry the 3G versions.


Is the iPad 2 available for ordering on

No, not initially. This includes both ship to home and in store pickup orders.


What is the price of the iPad 2?

Wifi: 16GB $499.99. 32GB $599.99. 64GB $699.99.

3G: 16GB $629.99. 32GB $729.99. 64GB $829.99.


What iPad 2 accessories are available?

We will have the iPad 2 smart covers, dock and digital A/V adapter. As well as a ZAGG front screen protector and other accessories.


Is Geek Squad Black Tie Protection (GSBTP) available for the iPad 2?

Yes, we offer two GSBTP plans for the iPad and iPad 2, a standard and an ADH (accidental damage from handling) plan for coverage up to three years from date of purchase. Prices for GSBTP vary depending on which plan is purchased, see stores for details.

Is Buy Back available for the iPad 2?

Yes, Buy Back will be available for the iPad 2 and will guarantee a trade-in price for up to two years from purchase. If both GSBTP and Buy Back are purchased at the same time, you will save 50% on the price of Buy Back.


What is the return & exchange period on tablets, like the iPad or iPad 2?

14 days. To read the full policy:



This FAQ will be expanded as additional facts become available and is subject to change.



Please note: Inventory is determined by Apple and, as a result, quantities and offerings are subject to change at any time, without notice.

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