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Update: Dell Studio Laptops with built-in webcam experience "Blue Screen" errors

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Message Revised 3-18-09:


A Message From Dell:

Dell Logo
Dear Customer,

We have learned that some Dell Studio laptop computers may suffer a Blue Screen failure. This issue can be resolved with an update to the webcam driver. This driver can be installed by downloading the self-executing file at this link:

Save the file to your desktop and then double-click on the icon to run it. The installation will occur automatically. It is always a good idea to reboot your system after updating drivers.

If you have any trouble with this procedure, you may contact Dell Tech Support at 1 (866)-955-2251 or visit the Geek Squad [Precinct] at your nearest Best Buy store.

Dell Customer Support

If you are technically-minded:

An issue has been identified with BSODs (Blue Screen error) appearing on some Dell Studio 15- and 17-inch notebooks [with a built-in webcam]. The BSOD error specifically is 0x0000000a IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and occurs due to an issue with the way the Creative Labs Webcam Driver interacts with the Windows Kernel.  The problem may appear only after Windows Vista Updates.


Determine if you need to update the driver to version A05 or higher to solve this issue. The update can be obtained from the link above.


If you are unsure what this means, or simply want assistance, please contact your local GEEK SQUAD® to address this known software issue.

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Posts: 497
Topics: 112
Kudos: 61
Solutions: 17
Registered: ‎09-29-2008

FAQ: Dell Studio Laptops with bulletin webcam experience "Blue Screen" errors

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The following are Frequently Asked Questions about this technical bulletin.


 Location of Integrated Webcam

  • Does this update apply to all Dell Studio Laptops?  What is an "Integrated Webcam?"
Many, but not all.  As we understand, only the 15-inch and 17-inch laptop models with an integrated web camera should apply this driver update/patch.  This image shows the location of the webcam.  Please seek assistance if you are are unable to deterimine if this technical bulletin applies to your Dell laptop.
  • What is a "driver?"  Why does this error happen? 
Think of a driver as an "interpreter" on your favorite trip to a foreign nation.  Hardware inside your computer requires software called a driver to allow your Operating System (such as Windows) to know how to communicate with and utilize that hardware. Software updates, such as hardware drivers and Windows Updates, and even occasional software issues, are a part of regular computer usage.  Every once in a while a piece of software may conflict with another and thus result in a system error (up to and including what we call a "Blue Screen" error, which looks like white text on a big blue background and nothing else).  
  • Does this mean I was sold a defective product?
No, not likely. Software Programmers try very hard to avoid future software conflicts when they create drivers but they do not always have access to information on how future Operating Systems or even updates will affect software or hardware-drivers.  So, the outcome is circumstantial and could have happened to any computer or manufacturer using their parts. Major testing goes into a product before it is released and the driver that shipped with this computer was likely verified as functional with the Operating System software at the time of release, prior to the new Windows Vista Updates.
  • Do I need to return or exchange it for another laptop?
You do not need to return or exchange this laptop.  Again, this error is circumstantial and not necessarily related to hardware.  The provided driver update should resolve the issue and therefore only the standard return/exchange period is available.  Please finish reading this FAQ before making any decisions.
  • My laptop has been without any problems so far:  Do I still need to perform this update?
Likely/Recommended.  Chances are if you have a Dell Studio 15-inch or 17-inch laptop with a built-in web camera and you have not yet performed initial Windows Updates after powering on the computer for the first time: you may want to install this driver update before running or allowing automatic Windows Updates.
  • My laptop already had this "Blue Screen" error, will using the Dell Recovery Disks fix it?
Not really.  Using the Dell Recovery Media to reinstall Windows could make the system bootable again but the driver patch would then need to be applied before Windows Updates.  Remember to back up any important data already on the computer as a system recovery will likely erase the hard drive.  Seek assistance if you are unsure how to or simply do not want to deal with this issue.
  • I am concerned about the future integrity of this laptop; after this update will I continue having problems?
It is not likely you will have the same problem.  We cannot predict the future of your hardware or software.  We do, however, believe that this issue is software related and should not impede normal continued usage.
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