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Wireless Speakers

Does anyone make wireless speakers where the amp is actually located in the speaker so that you don't have to connect the speaker to a receiver with speaker wire?   I want them for a good home setup and can't get wire through the back wall or across the floor.  I also need very good quality speakers and am willing to pay what it cost if they are worth what they cost.
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Re: Wireless Speakers

Wireless Rear Speaker Kit


This is about the best your gonna get

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Re: Wireless Speakers

yeah Tinkers solution is going to be one of the only options I can see you going with - without at least hooking "something" up via a cable to an amp.....then wireless to other speakers


The whole amp inside the speaker really only applies to subwoofers at the moment(I am thinking of a sweet one JL Audio has out)....its a monster....and very expensive....but thats a sub....

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Re: Wireless Speakers

I too agree with what has been said here, but here are a few that are now available


The BIG problem with wireless speakers is the inherent time lag involved with coding the analog signal, transmitting it to the speaker, decoding it, and then amplifying it.  Can you even begin to imagine the problems that this would create with properly setting up a surround system?  Remember all sound waves need to arrive at the ear at the same time.  That's why we have setup features in most A/V equipment.


Also, while transmitting the signal, you will invariably alter the quality of the signal since most transmission types can't transmit the entire frequency range of sound that we can hear.


I recommend biting the bullet and running the wire.

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Re: Wireless Speakers

Does anyone have a sugestion for wireless speakers that are small enough to travel with in a typical bag that will carry a projector, laptop and speakers?
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Re: Wireless Speakers

They are made, but anything causes interference. Hardwired beats non-wired anyday.
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