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DSLR Filters

Hi Ya'll,

I can't find any filters for a Nikon DSLR on

Where can i find or buy some filters for my DSLR Nikon D60?

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Re: DSLR Filters

Hi TechGirl,
It sounds like you purchased the Nikon D60 we had talked about previously. I hope you’re enjoying it! Nikon doesn't actually make filters themselves. There are a number of filter manufacturers, and the two manufacturers that Best Buy® sells are Sunpak and Tocad. Camera filters for DSLR cameras are designated by the diameter of the filter in millimeters, and screw onto the front of the lens. If you ended up purchasing the Nikon package we had talked about, the two Nikon lenses that came with the package accept 52mm filters. The most important filter to get is a UV filter, which actually has little effect on your images. A UV filter's primary purpose is to protect the front lens element when the lens cap is off. This is very important since repairing a lens because of a scratch on the front lens element would be vastly more expensive than purchasing an $11 UV filter. Another type of filter that I find very useful is a polarizing filter, which should reduce the contrast of your images if needed and make your skies in your images very blue. I hope this helps out!
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Re: DSLR Filters

Nikon DOES make filters. They are _fantastic_ filters.... but a little pricey. Filters are not something to get cheaply... I digress..


Might want to look at other retailers for more of a selection.