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Best Buy, Why did UPS steal my computer to send to you, for you to return it, without my knowledge?

Hey Best Buy, maybe you can help? How did a computer I bought from you, upgraded, and then sent UPS to my pops get delivered to your Kentucky Wharehouse and returned without my knowledge? A. This wasn’t addressed to you. It was sent to Texas. B. I never started a Return.C. UPS, has no idea where the package is still but somehow managed to open the package and return it to you. D. How did you not see the upgrades? Do you receive return items and perform 0 diagnostic checks before resale? E. How were you able to process a non initiated return after your 15 days return window policy? F. How can I get my 1 TB WD Black drive and my 32gb ram upgrade back from my improperly returned computer? G. Are you concerned about partnering with UPS for your returns when they seemingly open random packages and just send them to you? H. Like… how? Just how is this even possible? I have so many questions. Can you help me find my Dad’s computer? I’d love to find out if this was just a simple mistake by UPS or if there’s something more nefarious at play here? Is there anyway to track down the computer at the Kentucky warehouse before it’s sold? Or has it already been sold? How was “Reach out on Social Media” where I ended up at from buying a computer from Best Buy? I just wanted to send my pops a computer. Mostly though, I’d love to just try and figure out how something this crazy is even possible… thanks. 
I posted that on Twiiter and you guys reached out and told me to DM you but you don't accept any DM's.  Can I get my computer back that you returned without my knowledge or request or maybe even just the extra parts that i aded to it so i can go pick up a computer from Microcenter and maybe avoid future entanglements like this...


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Re: Best Buy, Why did UPS steal my computer to send to you, for you to return it, without my know...

Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Forums, WhereMyComputer!


We certainly understand your frustration regarding this. We do see you currently have been working with Ravi over on Twitter. We see he llet you know he would be back in the office on Tuesday to continue assisting with this. Since he has an active case and we are a part of the same team, we would recommend continuing to work with Ravi on Twitter, as our Forums will be decommissioned starting tomorrow, March 20, 2023.


Our team will be available to provide support through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In the future, you can also visit us at for assistance. We look forward to assisting you through these platforms!



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As of March 20th, our Forums will no longer be available. For future support, you can reach out to us on Social Media or