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Welcome/Getting Started

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Welcome to Best Buy Support


Welcome to Best Buy Support, our community forum. Whether you are here because you love talking about technology, are looking for some technology help, or have a concern with Best Buy, we hope that you gain value from joining the discussion.  Our Social Media Specialists, Best Buy employees who are skilled in the art of social media communication, are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.  You can identify them by the Social Media Specialist title, Best Buy Blue Shirt avatar, and -BBY with a MOD or ADMIN bar after their name. 


Explanation of the areas of Best Buy Support

If you are new to any forum, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed just looking at all the boards and areas that you can explore.  Never fear; we’re here to help explain the different areas of the forums so that you can easily navigate the boards and figure out where you want to post your discussions.  If you are a forum veteran, hopefully you’ll get some benefit from these insights as well.



You’ll find a listing of all of our Forum boards in a drop down menu here.  You should also see the individual boards to the right of the page under the Browse Forums sections.  We divide our forum boards under a few different sections, including Technology & Me, Gaming, Customer Service and My Best Buy.


Technology & Me

These are known as product boards.  They are community-driven boards, so we encourage our users to help each other out with technology questions. As such, they are not meant to be an area to post customer service concerns.  Want to know which gaming computer our community recommends or need to know which subwoofer will work best with your existing car stereo?  These are the boards for you.



Let’s Talk Gaming is a community-driven board for you to discuss those relevant topics.  Gaming Support is the board you want to use if you have a gaming concern for Best Buy.  Gamers Club is the board you want to use for questions related to your Gamers Club or Gamers Club Unlocked membership.  Our Social Media Specialists are very active on all three boards, so you should hear back from either the community or our specialists very quickly. 


Customer Service

From time to time, our forum users may have a concern with Best Buy.  Whether with a Best Buy store, delivery experience or, this is the area for you.  While the community will often offer advice or opinions to your concerns, this area is a primary responsibility for our Social Media Specialists and you should receive a response from one if you post on one of these boards, generally within 24-48 hours.



My Best Buy

We've reinvented our Reward Zone program as My Best Buy. Please let us know how we can help you with your exclusive membership.  Just like our Customer Service boards, these boards are moderated by our Social Media Specialists to make sure you get the help you need. 




Just like you, we love to talk about technology and the way it impacts our lives.  If you want to read our viewpoints about how technology is awesome, then our Blogs may be right up your alley!


Latest and Greatest:  Check out the fresh news about the latest products we know and love. <3

Beyond the Blue:  Join us for blogs about things that impact you from a Best Buy point of view!

Best Buy Gaming News:  Want to know what’s new and cool in gaming?  Here is your treasure trove! 

Geek Squad IntelligenceJoin us for blogs straight from members of our Geek Squad!



Are you the type of person who likes to search out your information and get the answer on your own?  Our Knowledge Base Articles allow you to self-serve with tons of information at your fingertips!



Welcome to IdeaX!  Have a cool idea for Best Buy? Click on the New Idea button to post your idea and allow the community to vote on it!



Getting Started

Well, now that you’ve read up on our boards and all that they can offer, it’s time to jump into the Best Buy Support community and offer your own thoughts to the discussion!


  • How to set up an account:  Ready for how complicated this is?  Simply click on Register in the upper right hand corner or the Join button under Join the Community and fill out the information requested.  That’s it!  Now you can sign in and join the discussion!
  • Creating a new post:  Click on the board you want to post in and hit the New Message button on the left hand side under the board name.  Type in a Subject title and then your post into the box.  When you’re all done, click the Post button to add it to the board.  Feel free to spell check, format or add appropriate links to your message!  Don’t forget to check out our Terms and Conditions, Forum Guidelines and Community Guidelines to see the do’s and don’ts for posting on Best Buy Support.
  • Replying to a thread:  Want to add your thoughts to a discussion? Click on the post you want to contribute to and hit the Reply button at the end of the post.  You’ll get a new box with a subject line already inserted.  Input your opinions on the conversation and just like with Creating a new post above, click Post when you are ready to go!
  • Sending a Private Message:  Sometimes you may want to have a private conversation with another community member or our Social Media Specialists
    • You can send a Private Message to our Social Media Specialists by clicking on the Private Message button across from their signature on any post they’ve made. 
    • To send a Private Message to another user, you can click on their user name to get to their profile and then click on the Send this user a private message link on the right hand side. 
    • You can also click on the little envelope in the upper right hand side of the forums to read your Private Messages or send one to other users, including our Social Media Specialists.  Just click on Compose New Message, fill out the Send to (make sure to type the user name exactly as it is on the forum) and Message Subject boxes, then put your message in the box and click Send Message.
  • Accepted Solution:  When another user or Social Media Specialist provides you with a resolution to your inquiry, you can recognize that person by accepting their solution!  Simply find the post that answers your question and click the Accept as Solution button at the bottom of the post.  This lets the community know that the information provided may help them as well!
  • Kudos:  Want to let someone know that you liked their post?  It’s a way of giving a “thumbs up” or saying “great post” to the user or Social Media Specialist who contributed to the discussion.  You can also Kudo someone and accept their solution - it’s like a double whammy of thanks! Simply click on the button that has a “+ Star” to give someone a Kudo!