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Special User Rankings

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You will find a variety of users available to you here in the Best Buy Community.  Below is a description of special rankings:


Official Best Buy Community Representatives      Official representatives can be identified in several ways:
  • Best Buy () or Geek Squad () logo appears before their username.
  • Admin () or Mod () icon appears after their username.
  • Username ends in -BBY or -GS
  • Posts show a Best Buy branded badge on the left
  • Rank is listed as Social Media Manager, Social Media Supervisor, Senior Social Media Specialist, or Social Media Specialist
Please note that only Official Best Buy Community Representatives are specifically tasked with responding to and intervening in customer service inquiries.  While other employees and Super Users may be able to offer valuable insight and possibly answer your question completely, please only provide personally identifiable information such as full name, order number, phone number, or email address to Official Best Buy Community Representatives.  Also, please do not post personally identifiable information publicly; only provide it through private message.

Other Best Buy and Geek Squad Employees      Some Best Buy and Geek Squad employees have been identified as frequently providing beneficial support within the Community and have been branded to help identify helpful content.  These employees can be identified by a Best Buy () or Geek Squad (Geek Squad Agent) logo after their name and the rank listed as Best Buy Employee, Best Buy Mobile Agent, Best Buy for Business Agent, or Geek Squad Agent.

Super Users       Community members with substantial tenure and high post count are marked as Super Users at our discretion.  Super Users do not necessarily work for Best Buy, although some do.  Super Users post in the Community on their own time.  Super Users can be identified by the Super () icon after their name (Super Users also branded as Best Buy or Geek Squad employees have the Super icon before their username to allow the Best Buy or Geek Squad logo to appear after their username; this helps differentiate them from Official Best Buy Community Representatives). Many Super Users have a high level of experience in certain product categories and can provide superb advice and technical support.

Vendor Participants      

Users officially representing a manufacturer or other vendor with which Best Buy does business are marked as Vendor Participants if verified through us.  Vendor Participants represent the company listed in their username, and do not in any way represent the opinion or views of Best Buy and do not offer customer service for Best Buy issues in the Community.  Customer service inquiries should be directed to Official Best Buy Community Representatives by posting within the Customer Service category.  If assistance can be offered by a Vendor Participant without collecting personally identifiable information, Vendor Participants will post in the related thread.  If personally identifiable information is needed for a Vendor Participant to assist you, Official Best Buy Community Representative will contact you on their behalf.  Vendor Participants can be identified by the Check Mark () icon after their username to confirm their official capacity has been verified by us, and the rank listed as Vendor Participant.