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Healthy Usage Guidelines (HUG's)

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Healthy Usage Guidelines (HUG's)


If you plan on participating in social media to connect with customers, you should get paid for your work. If you post any update from a company branded or personal account, it should be on company time.


Guidelines for functioning in an electronic world are the same as the values, ethics and confidentiality policies employees are expected to live every day, whether you’re Twittering, talking with customers or chatting over the neighbor’s fence. 







You Should:


  • Disclose Your Affiliation
  • State That It’s YOUR Opinion
  • Protect Yourself
  • Act Responsibly and Ethically
  • Honor Our Differences


You Should NOT Disclose:


  • The Numbers
  • Promotions (before they are public)
  • Personal Information
  • Legal Information
  • Anything that belongs to someone else
  • Confidential Information


Basically, if you find yourself wondering if you can talk about something you learned at work - don’t. Follow Best Buy’s policies and live the company’s values and philosophies. They’re there for a reason.





Always use qualifiers, posts are forever. 

Include qualifiers like about, approximately, estimated, might, roughly, should.  Don’t turn a post into a promise we can’t keep.


Protect the brand.  Protect yourself.

Always click over to the user’s profile page on non Best Buy sites to make sure we should be interacting with them.  If they seem to be associated with SPAM or inappropriate sites/content, stay away.


Make sure you have clear, accessible disclaimers.

As a best practice, any post referencing any kind of offer, promotion or policy should somehow have a short disclaimer OR a link to a disclaimer, policy or offer.


If the answer to their question appears somewhere on, the Forums, or another Best Buy owned website, place a link to the answer in your post.  This way, if anything changes, your post still leads to the correct answer.



Sean|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate