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TV volume

My insignia TV volume doesn't work I did a speaker test an I heard the sounds. But still no audio. What is wrong?
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Re: TV volume

A few quick questions for you:


  • What's the model number of your Insignia™ TV?
  • Does the sound work for any input, no inputs, or just some?
  • What inputs do you currently have connected to your TV?
  • Have you tried to perform a factory reset or power cycle?

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Re: TV volume

Hello, Sumayyah,

Thanks for reaching out!


Like our friend Sam15 mentioned, some more information on the unit and how it is wired out can be instrumental to possibly finding a solution to your issues. Just based off the information you provided already, it sounds like we can rule out the TV having issues as you're able to hear the sounds during the test. This leads me to believe that this could be wiring related or an issue with your audio source. Have you attempted to check all the wiring to ensure none is loose or improperly connected?

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