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Re: TV Keeps Turning On and Off

I'm having the same issue. My TV turn off and on but it does not get stuck on the channel. Every few minutes it turns off says please wait... There is nothing more frustrating and annoying then this. If you can't send us a coupon for a new one instead of this run around I know your company is a scam. My company currently holds over 50 plus insignia TVs. I brought one home to use I'm going to have to switch brands and but the word out your TVs are defective. I promote video games and tech and will not promote this inferior product.
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Re: TV Keeps Turning On and Off

I'm in the club now.  I'm hqave this  same sytemic problem along with many others. My Insignia keeps turning itself off and on much like old faithfull.  I think the problem is a manufacture flaw. There is no solution in the setting.

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Re: TV Keeps Turning On and Off

Hello i would like help i have had my tv (led ns-19e320a13 produced in 2012) for a while i changed the channel from hdmi 1 to the tv and it was blurry so i kept changing the channel and i ended up on what was called channel 3.1 and it turned off/on and now i cant get it to stop any help
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Re: TV Keeps Turning On and Off

Hello Darkmagician424 ,


Welcome to the Insignia Community! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some issues with your 19” TV. I’d be happy to see how I can assist you further.


Have you tried to power cycle your TV? You’re able to do this by unplugging the TV from power, and all it’s components for a few minutes. Then by plugging everything back in, and together. This should clear any internal errors that might be happening. Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the issues on your TV, and I’d be happy to take a peek into the owner’s manual to see if we can reset the TV back to factory settings without using the menu options on the TV.





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