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Sound randomly turns on


I have 4 TV's in my home.  Two (2) of them are Insignia Fire TV's.  A few weeks ago one of the Fire TV's was pushed a remote update.  Immediately after the update the tv started to act weird when it is off.  It will be turned off and will randomly just turn on sound, no picture.  It will normally stay on for one minute and then turn off again.  This happens throughout the day and night.

A few days later the other Fire TV recieved a remote update, and immediately started to do the same thing.  This one is in our bedroom, so it will wake us up at night if we forget to turn the volume all the way down.

We have call support many many times and they do not have an answer.  We have factory reset the tv's and the remotes.  Is there any way to roll back the update?  Any other suggestions on what we can do is appreciated.  The other 2 tv's are Sony's and they do not have this problem.

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Re: Sound randomly turns on

Hello, jennieladie.

We’re so glad that you’ve chosen to register to join our Community Forum!  I can only imagine being woken up by the sound of your televisions turning on while you’re sleeping.  Let’s see what we’re able to do to get this resolved for you. 

Please share with us your full name, phone and email address in a private message so that we can verify your account and review the TV purchases in question.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

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Re: Sound randomly turns on

Do not expect support from Best Buy on this. It happened to us. We have a 55", 48", 42" and 36" Fire tv and all were affected after the remote firmware update. After kids being woken up at 4am and crying and screaming and lots of drama we finally disabled HCMI, smart connection on the HDMI ports and so on and the problem has gone away. Of course no more firing up the game console or Blu Ray player on single remote and having the TV turn on and switch to that input but better then the drama.


Clearly a case where the firmware was not tested properly and has glitches in the code.


No luck in a role back either. Let us know if you have any success otherwise and hopefully this helps..


BTW, The power supply on the 55" Insignia fire tv went out on powering the backlight after this (1 month out of warranty). It has sound but no picture, passed the flashlight test but fried. Best buy wanted $129 for the visit $65 for the parts and another $129 for the repair. Fixed it myself for $35. Not sure if it was tied into the original issue but if your power supply fails after let us know.


Best buy support is basically useless unless you need someone to connect your TV to you cable, game, Blu Ray, Home theatre and cannot figure it out.