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Remote is only changing the aspect?

Hey, so this is a weird issue and I've been researching about it and can't find any answer to my problem.


My roommate brought from her home an insignia TV, model number NS-24E200NA14. We have the basic cable that our college offers, and have no gaming, DVD/Blue ray/etc connected to it. 


For some reason, our television remote never does any of the functions it is supposed to (changing volume, channel, input, etc.) but instead every button on the remote changes the Aspect of the TV. We have tried clicking 'aspect' to see if that was the issue but that does not work.


It has been doing this for about four days and we've changed the remote batteries, turning the power off and and on, and going through the menu on the television using the volume and channel keys on the tv.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Remote is only changing the aspect?

Hello bpatt289,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

You may want to try a remote reset. Take the batteries out of the remote, and while they're out press each button on the remote at least twice. Once finished, put the fresh batteries back in, and see if it responds any differently.

If that does not correct the issue we can look into warranty replacement if she has had the TV less than a year, or you can buy a replacement through under Part #240602000468.

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