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Re: Horrible experience

I just purchased a TV about 2 hrs ago. I specified that I wanted the easiest to set up and use. Turned it on, the screen is stuck on choose your language, which is just under " Easy Setup ". It Just Won't Budge. Won't Let Me Choose. Best Buy Is Closed. I Called The Manufacturer. The First Two Calls, State, Are Monitored, Recorded. Why They Bother Since They're Obviously Not Doing Anything About Inefficient Customer Service Personnel...Because, After Asking Me An Endless Stream Of Questions, They Simply, Obviously, Intentionally, Hung Up. By Call 3, I Was Fairly Sure, I'm Just Going To Return It, And Strongly Suggest To Everyone I Know, Skip Shopping At Best Buy  AND, Never Buy Products From That  Manufacturer... Call 3: The Customer Service Person Actually SAID, Take The Batteries Out Of The Remote, Then, Click Each Button 4 Times. The Remote Has 40 Buttons On It. I Repeated, You, Expect Me, To Click 40 Buttons, 4 Times Each ... The Answer, Yes, That's How We Reset It ... Interesting. A Thought A Remote With No Batteries In It, Just A Useless Piece Of Plastic ... I Doubt Best Buy Will Respond Tonight, Nor Tomorrow. I Doubt They'll Actually Walk Me Through A Solution. It's Beyond Frustrating To Have Nothing More That A Screen Asking To Pick, When Won't Let You

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Re: Horrible experience

Good morning, alalt1,


Welcome and thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Community Forum. Insignia products are indeed meant to be easy-to-use, so it’s disappointing to hear you’re having trouble with the set-up.


At this point, from your post it sounds like you haven’t been able to make any selection on the opening screen when you turn on your TV.  To ensure that the remote control is not at fault, please begin by ensuring that the IR sensor on your TV is clean and unobstructed. If the remote signal cannot reach the TV, you wouldn’t be able to make a selection. While I hear that you’re skeptical, if the IR sensor is cleared, most other remote control issues are solved by removing the batteries, pressing all the buttons and then installing fresh batteries. Should the same issue persist after taking these actions, the TV likely needs repairs.


As you’ve said that you just bought the TV from your local Best Buy, you should have a couple options. I hear you’ve already attempted calling Insignia, but you can seek support with them through the manufacturer warranty by calling directly at (877) 467-4289. Otherwise, if still within the Best Buy Return & Exchange Promise time frame and otherwise qualifying, you can bring it back to your local store to pursue an exchange.


I hope this helps!

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