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Re: Auto-channel search can't find digital channels

Oh the Horror!




I purchased a NS-32E740A12 from Best Buys in Seattle on Aug. 10, 2011. The Best Buys "rating" tag next to the display gave it three stars. I did not buy Best Buys' ridiculous "extended warranty" for 50 or 70 bucks because I thought that completely negated the reason for BUYING A DISCOUNT BRAND.


Brought the TV home, set it up to my brand new BluRay player. Worked great. Picture great, sound was okay/to average.


I do not have cable TV because where I live in downtown Seattle your only choice is Broadstripe and they are AWFUL.


I had digital rabbit ears plugged into my old TV and they picked up about 7 channels out of 11 local (no PBS despite the fact I'm like three blocks from their **bleep** station/transmitter).


When I first plugged the rabbit ears into the Insignia TV via a coaxil cable it worked like a charm, got 11 channels. The next day I got 7, then 5, then none.


Tried unplugging and re-plugging the rabbit ears in, no change. Sooo I bought a 45 dollar Terk indoor antennae that got rave reviews. Nothing. Zero channels.


After weeks of just watching DVD movies, I really wanted to watch the local news.


So I ordered Broadstripe's "basic" service for $25/month + a 50 buck install + pro-rate+1st month.


The Broadstripe technician came out, turned the cable on, checked the jack in the wall and the cable with his meters, said he was getting excellent signal. Then he shrugged, suggested I call the manufacturer and left.


After a half dozen calls -- to Best Buys, to Broadstripe TV and to Insignia -- and at least 8 auto scans for channels still NOTHING.


My neighbor even loaned me an small, ancient TV to confirm that the cable was on. It is. Get perfect reception on the ugly, tiny TV with crappy screen and blown speakers.


After all these calls, I noticed that if you set the Insignia TV to channel 3 (which is what it's supposed to be on for Broadstripe) it bounces back to Ch. 2 when you enter the main Menu to run the channel scan. So that's the first thing that's WRONG with the software/firmware in these TVs. It should not be doing that.


Now I'm reading on here to try unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for several hours. So I'm doing that and will try again.


If no go, tomorrow I will call Broadstripe, cancel my cable TV subscription and eat the 50 dollar install fee.


I can't take the TV back to Best Buys because if I do, I don't have the extended warranty so they can't do a straight swap. I have to wait  A MONTH while it gets shipped back to the factory and, persumably somebody fixes it.


The moral is: don't buy cheap TVs from Best Buys, don't buy Insignias and don't order cable TV. Just make do with older TVs that can pick up rabbit ear reception.

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Re: Auto-channel search can't find digital channels

Hello Mel_in_seattle,


Unfortunately it appears that your TV is in need of repairs and as a result I would suggest that you take the TV along with the receipt to Best Buy to obtain warranty service. The NS-32E740A12 has a two year warranty from the date of purchase.

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Re: Auto-channel search can't find digital channels


I Know INSIGNIA is the cheapest brand sansui is even better brand than them. Thats why my other two tv's are a rca 32in and a panasonic 42in HDTV. Now I going to aviod this cheap ass brand.

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Re: Auto-channel search can't find digital channels

You're not alone... I got the 29" version and the tuner only finds CERTAIN channels.  My 5 year old Sharp and 2 year old LG finds 99 channels and the Insignia finds 44...


It's the built-in tuner. It's just not up to snuff. Gonna return it for a different brand. Two 29" Insignia's showed the exact same symptoms so it all points back to the tv......