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NS-RMT415 doesn’t support streaming devices

Insignia says that this is compatible with Roku and Apple streaming devices, but it really isn’t. The directions are very unclear and dont match up with the task. For example, Method A is the quick/known device version. It tells you to hold the setup button till it blinks, then hit the key you want to program - TV, DVD, STB, Stream, then hit a key for the type of device you want to pick, 0 for STB/Cable/Stream, 1 for TV, 2 for DVD, 3 for Audio, then hold the single number in the table, 0-9, for TV, DVD, STB, or Audio device until it turns off and remote LED blinks. Where is the 0-9 code for streaming boxes?? Nope, not there. Have to use Method B, where you enter the 5 digit code. Yet the initial steps are the same. Hold setup button till it blinks, then hit key you want to program, in this case Stream. Now here is where it gets stupid. The instructions state at this point you enter the 5 digits, except that it’s the same point in setup as the Method A function. So if you go to enter Roku code “02371” the remote takes the 0 as ‘hey, you are going to enter a code for Streamer/STB’ then takes the 2 as ‘hey, that’s the code for Bell STB’  because remember, there is no Streaming box quick code. But since you don’t hold the 2 it then exits setup so pressing 3-7-1 does nothing. Ah, but then there is Method C, the code search function. Which is great for TV, DVD, and STB, but not for Streaming devices like Apple and Roku. Why not, you ask? You enter the code search, and as it cycles through when the device turns off you release the button and that last code is it. Except Apple and Roku and Amazon don’t power off. They sleep. So with no visual clue, you never get to release the button and therefore can never get the right code found.
And there you have it. 3 ways to set up devices and not one of them is compatible with any Streaming box.

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Re: NS-RMT415 doesn’t support streaming devices

Hello IronDad,


Thanks for letting us know you’re having some difficulties getting your NS-RMT415 to work with your Roku and Apple Streaming devices. I understand that can certainly be frustrating when you were looking to have one remote for everything. I’d be happy to point you in the correct direction on this matter.


Can you please give our support team a call at 1-877-467-4289 for some advanced troubleshooting? Our teams are happy to answer your call from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT. Thanks for posting to us.



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