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NS-L42Q-10A blurred non hd channels

so i bought this tv for my dad and a month later he is complaining of the picture of the regular non hd channels. the tv is hooked up through an hdmi cord from the comcast hd box. the hd picture is perfect but the problem he is talking about is that the non hd channels are zoomed way in. for example: on espn, when they post the score of any game, u can only see the very top of what they are posting. its so zoomed in, the faces of any players during a basketball game are completely blurred. ive messed with all the tv and cable box settings along with the zoom button and nothing changes. the xoom button only makes the picture worse by zooming in more lol. i have no idea where to go from here. thanks for your time.
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-27-2009

Re: NS-L42Q-10A blurred non hd channels

no help?
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Re: NS-L42Q-10A blurred non hd channels

Hello logg_1414,

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Other forum participants have reported that setting the output resolution on the cable box to 16:9 resolves issues such as this.  For details on changing this setting, I'd recommend contacting the cable provider.

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