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NS-L42Q-10 TV Freezes

I recently purchased this TV, I am new to HD viewing, I absolutely love the picture quality.  I have to issues.


  1. On 5 occasions now the TV will freeze with a high pitch buzzing sound, and the picture is multi colored lines, has anyone experienced this issue?
  2. This TV is 1080, however when I go to my HD channels, I will typically see 720 i or 720 p,  is this a TV setting or is my cable service provider. I have my digital cablebox connected thru HDMI 1

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Re: NS-L42Q-10 TV Freezes

Hello Mike-NS-L42Q-10,


Welcome to the forums!  I consulted our technical team and have answers for you.  To answer the second question first, the unit will output the signal the same as is received.  In other words, if you're receiving 720p/i signals on your 1080p/i TV, it's most likely because you're receiving a 720p/i signal from your cable service provider.


The buzzing sound may be due to a defective board or power supply.  The only means of correcting this type of issue would be through service.


I hope this helps.


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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-10-2009

Re: NS-L42Q-10 TV Freezes



Thank you for your reply, I actually have resolved the resolution problem, and you are correct I had to reconfigure my cable box, I am now receiving 1080 i,


with regard to the TV freezing are you suggesting that I need to return the TV to where I purchased it from. Is this a known problem, I just want to be clear on the issue.