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NS-55E560A11 - Digital Audio Out or Digital Optical Out

I have the NS-55E560A11 model and really have not had any issues.  For years I did not use the TV for audio as I ran a digital optical line directly from my cable box and Xbox to a LG soundbar.  I am wanting to connect a Roku and will need to run audio through the TV.  Looking at the manual, it shows that I need one digital audio line to connect the TV to the soundbar.  The Soundbar only has two digital optical inputs (no digital audio coax input).


On page 13 of the manual, it says,

"Connect a digital audio cable to DIGITAL

AUDIO OUT jack on the side of your TV and to

the digital optical audio jack on the digital

sound system"

and shows only one cable connector as required.  However, the tv has an orange RCA type connector and not a digital optical connector.


Can you tell which cable I need as I cannot find one that has both connectors? 

If one cable is not possible, then why is the manual in error?


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Re: NS-55E560A11 - Digital Audio Out or Digital Optical Out

Hello MarkMade,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

The manual is incorrect, as it is showing a Digital Optical cable on both connections. If your Soundbar does not have a Digital Coaxial connection, you would need a converter. I googled "digital coaxial to digital optical" and there are multiple devices that can convert the signal to a usable format for your circumstances.

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