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NS-50D510NA19 HDCP Error

Setup of this TV was easy enough - however, the cable box was giving me grief every time I would turn the TV on, citing error: "Unable to display video service over HDMI. HDCP link integrity check failed."


I am able to watch TV on the cable box by changing the screen ratio via the cable box to 1080i/1080p (changing to the inactive one works each time). But when I turn that TV on again, same error, and I have to change ratio.


I do have a Chromecast plugged into a different HDMI port with no issues.


Some Googling provided me with troubleshooting, I tried the following:

-Trying 4 different HDMI cables of different qualities

-Changing HDMI ports

-Using a different cable box

-Using a cable box and HDMI cable known to work on another TV

-Powering down both TV and cable box

-Factory Reset of TV


...All of which didn't resolve the problem.


I even tried calling the Insignia Tech Support.  The agent was apathetic to the problem and immediately directed me to the cable provider, despite having 2 other cable boxes working fine in the house on other TV combinations. (The only difference with this setup and my 2 working setups is the TV).  Absolutely no attempt was made by the agent to assist - he only wanted to pass the buck.


What HAS worked for me, was to reset to factory default, but rather than choose Home Mode, I chose Display (In Store?) Mode.  That so far has been a workaround for this error.  


Are there any firmware updates that could address this issue?  I have a hard time believing the cable box is at fault when I have no issues with my other TV/Cable box combinations, and the 'fix' as described above was with the TV, not cable box.

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Re: NS-50D510NA19 HDCP Error

Hi, McNasty2019,


Thanks very much for reaching out to us about this here at our community. HDCP issues can be a pain, and it looks like you've done a significant amount of troubleshooting.


Just to clarify, that cable box giving you issues works on other televisions, and other cable boxes work on this television?


Are those other cable boxes you are trying te same model as the one having issues, or are they a different model?



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Re: NS-50D510NA19 HDCP Error



Correct, the cable box works on other televisions, and other cable boxes work on this television but all cable boxes produce the same error when used on this television.


And all cable boxes are of the same make and model.



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Re: NS-50D510NA19 HDCP Error



Thank you for sharing the additional details.


Given that all of your cable boxes produce the error on this TV, I would recommend exchanging the TV at your local Best Buy store. Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). Please note: if your purchase was after Nov. 1, our Holiday Return & Exchange Promise allows for returns through Jan. 14, 2020.


Alternatively, if you wish you may have your TV repaired under the manufacturer's warranty. You may schedule a technician to visit your home by calling Geek Squad at (800) 433-5778.


I hope this helps. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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