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hi i just purchased this tv on boxing and i basically used this as my gaming tv with my ps4.  i have a question about the video calibration for this tv. i am using the game presetting that comes already but i find that the colors are not really crisp some thing are blurry, like playing on nba 2k15 there is a blur that you can see on each character on top of their skins and things get out of focus.  my brother is telling me that it is not displaying at full 1080p mode, i hope that you guys can help me out.


i have the video setting on auto right now (even when i put it on 1080p it doesnt really change anything)

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Re: NS-48D510NA15

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The TV will display the highest quality image being sent to it, so if you have it set to auto, and you press the Info button on the remote it will tell you what quality signal it is receiving. Are you connecting the PS4 to the TV with Component RCA cords, or HDMI?

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