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NS-42L550A11 video game lag

Hello all,


Just purchased the NS-42L550A11 42" HDTV a couple days ago, and am super happy with it.  I've noticed that when I go to hook up some of my older video game systems (like the old NES and Super NES), there's about a half-second to second lag.  I see that this problem has been addressed for some of the other models of Insignia TVs, but there's nothing out there for this one.  I tried out some of the solutions for the other models to see if they would apply to mine, but no such luck so far.  I could hook these up to an older TV just to play them there, but that'd be kinda lame, yknow?


Could anyone help me along here?  Thanks!

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Re: NS-42L550A11 video game lag

Hello JaySilverman,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

This lag is, most provably, caused by the old gaming system's resolution and the image improvement done by the TV to enhance it. Here are a couple of things you can try:


1- Connect the game straight to the TV (no receiver or switch in between)

2- NES and SNES are 480p so try using the regular AV connection

3- On the TV turn Game Mode ON

4- Select as a Picture Mode Standard

5- Turn OFF Insignia Motion 120 Hz (in Picture/Advanced Video)

6- Turn OFF Noise Reduction (in Picture/Advanced Video)



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Thank you,
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