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NS-40D510NA17 - Darks are horrible!

I recently purchased the NS-40D510NA17 40" LED TV from Best Buy. At first, the picture looked great, but then we noticed that the darks were horrible! There is no contrast and no detail in the darks. They alomst have a red tint to them (even with the color temperature set to cool).  I have tried adjusting all of the picture settings, and have tried the dynamic contrast on high, low and off. I have been experimenting with every display option and have even looked up recommended settings. The factory default settings look great with well-lit scenes, but any dark or dimmly lit scenes are unwatchable.  


We do not have cable or an antenna hooked up with this for TV. We only have a DVD/Blu Ray player and Xbox 360 hooked up, each with an HDMI. The picture quality is the same with both devices. We mostly stream netflix through the xbox. I have tried checking the display settings with the xbox, but they are already optimized. We typically use this TV at night in a dark room with no glare. 


I am about to return the product and buy a different TV, but I wanted to check to see if there is something I am missing, or if this is typical of this particular TV model. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: NS-40D510NA17 - Darks are horrible!

I know this doesn't help you, but I am experiencing the very same problem with a different model.  It is horrible and had me thinking the tv was broken!  This is what the description says about my model ....NS-32D200NA14 --" LED displays are at their best in well-lit rooms:They also perform well in darker rooms, and deliver plasma-like deep blacks and rich colors."  That is putting it mildly, lol. I just entered the community in search of a fix when I came across your post first.  I couldn't help but reply.  I am off to continue my quest for answers now.  Good luck to you!