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NS-32D511NA15 Audio

I have a NS-32D511NA15 that was purchased back in June and just recently the speakers started making a whistling sound. It is continuous and does not stop unless I hit the mute button. I've tried different outputs, putting the computer in different places to see if it was something causing the frequency and even unhooked all inputs but the noise persists. It also goes away if I plug in a sound bar but I'd love to be able to use the speakers it came with. Any suggestions on fixing the problem would be great. Please let me know if you need any other information is needed.

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Re: NS-32D511NA15 Audio

Hello alo15

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If you are getting the distortion when there are no source devices connected, it is most likely going to be a fault in one of the connections. With the age of the TV, I would suggest taking the TV and receipt into the Geek Squad desk at your local Best Buy. Because we are a Best Buy Exclusive Brand, Geek Squad handles all of our warranty servicing.

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