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Muting Audio Output on NS-40E560A​11

I have only had my Insignia NS-40E560A​11 LED-LCD for a few days and have a number of questions, but will start with this straightforward one.  I want to use external speakers to improve the sound quality.  I have my speakers wired to a Yamaha amplifier, which does not have a remote or mute function, but does have digital coax and optical inputs in addition to the standard RCA jacks.  I am using the audio out L-R jacks to feed audio to the amplifier.  The sound comes through fine, but when I mute the TV the external speakers do not mute.  This is highly annoying when watching TV with commercials, so I hope there is a solution to this.  Will the mute work if I use the digital coaxial audio output instead of the L-R?  What if I were to use an Insignia sound bar instead of my amplifier/speaker combo?  Another possible option, although I think this is a longshot, is to run the audio out of the HD cable box that is providing signal to the TV direct to the amplifier with an optical connection.  (provider is Comcast - box is Scientific Atlanta)  But I don't think the HD cable box has a mute function of its own.  I am using HDMI to connect the cable box to the TV.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Muting Audio Output on NS-40E560A​11

Hello peternuss,

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Line outputs (such as RCA and Digital) will not be affected by the TV's volume. This was designed this way so that the TV's volume level won't affect directly the amplifier's volume (most customers like to mute the TV and just hear sound from the receiver's speakers). If you want to control the amplifier's volume you will need it to have that option. Regarding the last suggestion (connecting the output to the cable box), it may work as long as the box has a volume control option since, as that device only has one sound output and no speakers, that output 99% of the times is controlled by the tuner and affected by the box commands.


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Re: Muting Audio Output on NS-40E560A​11


  It's disgusting to here you say MOST customers want to mute TV speakers and control mute with their audio box.  How do you get closed captioning with mute ?  If you think some customers want to turn off TV speakers then provide another way.  We want the TV to control leveling, volume and mute.