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Insignia tvs are horrible!!

First let me say i bought my first insignia many years ago...a 55" flat acreen that still works.should have kept it.  I now have a 48" and 39" led.  Both less than a year old.  The 48" is now at the service center waiting on parts...a power supply board (suprise!l  the 39 went out two days later and since my son won it at a good grades dinner my wofes work did, best buy wont take it in wothout a receipt!  The 48 is around 10 months old...the 39 is less than six months old.   And guess whats wrong with the 39....the power supply! (I used to do tv repairs...and its doing the same thing the other tv is)  i will never buy another insignia nor any tv at best buy again.  Oh and the sales people lie aboit who makes these tvs..they are not lg or samsung...they are hisense tvs.  

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Re: Insignia tvs are horrible!!

Hello bigdawg7299,

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I'm sorry to hear your run of bad luck, but I may be able to look into getting the 39 inch set taken care of. Unfortunately, due to the Power Supply being constantly on and actively connected to the electrical outlet, it is the component that catches the most issue with electrical variance. If you call our Customer Support line at 1-877-467-4289, they can both run through some quick troubleshooting, as well as escalate the issue for warranty servicing based off of how long you have had the set and other criteria.

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Re: Insignia tvs are horrible!!

Completely agree. We have had two insignia tvs and both have died close to two years. I expect appliances to last much longer when I pay good money for them. My refrigerator cost less than the tvs and has lasted longer than both tvs.