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Insignia - blue screen when trying to play any channel on a roku

I have an Insignia LED TV. When I go to the Roku home screen, everything looks normal, i.e., all of the channels display correctly. When I choose a Roku channel (e.g., Netflix), everything displays correctly...I can see all of the shows/movies correctly. When I try to watch any show/movie on any channel. I get a solid blue screen. I can hear the audio fine, and subtitles display correctly.


On another TV, the same Roku works as expected, i.e., no blue screen when trying to watch something. I tried using the same HDMI cord as the working TV, but that didn't work - because of that, it doesn't seem like an HDMI cord issue. I've tried all three of the HDMI ports on the Insignia TV, but I have the same problem. The Roku was working on this TV at one point. I'm not aware of any changes around the time it stopped working. Any ideas would be appreciated. 

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Re: Insignia - blue screen when trying to play any channel on a roku

Good afternoon, aeichens, and welcome to our community.


It seems strange that this issue is only occurring on one TV, but you did the right thing by trying to use your Roku on multiple screens to try and narrow down the root issue.  If you will please reply with the model numbers of your TV and Roku device, I will be happy to look into this further.


Thank you,

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