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Insignia TV Roku stuck in headphone mode

I had/have this problem frequently. After hours of searching online and asking tech support - nothing helped. Until I stumbled upon the solution. It’s simple.

In order to fix this issue do the following.

1. Turn on TV.
2. After loaded to the Roku screen, unplug all the HDMI cables from the back of the TV.
3. Wait 30 seconds
4. Plug HDMI cables back in.

Success! Headphone icon and mode will
switch to speaker.

Hope this helps other people.
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Re: Insignia TV Roku stuck in headphone mode

Hello there, mkulczyckyj,


Thanks for sharing your findings. In addition, plugging a 3.5 mm audio cable into the headphone jack can restore the speaker mode.

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Re: Insignia TV Roku stuck in headphone mode

This issue is mostly for people with Insigna TV’s with Roku built in. Those TV’s do not have a audio jack built into the remote. Hence you simply cannot so that.