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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

This is a bit long, but hopefully someone can help. Thanks.

Talk about stupid planning...

Can anyone think of a solution for this OTHER than buying other brands?


My new Insignia 40" FHD TV (NS-40D510NA21) and my older (few years) Insignia Soundbar

stupidly share the SAME REMOTE FREQUENCIES, both responding simultaneously.


So, pressing "VOL+" will make BOTH the TV go up one volume notch AND the Soundbar (independent of the TV) go up one volume notch as well, meaning each VOL+ press makes it substantially louder, and each VOL- press makes it substantially softer because BOTH the TV AND the Soundbar are responding, not just the TV.


Strangely, pressing the Soundbar's remote will NOT make the TV's Volume increase or decrease, but pressing the TV's remote WILL make the Sounbar's volume increase or decrease INDEPENDENT of the TV (I even unplugged the soundbar from the TV, took it into another room, and simply hooked it up to my CD player. Sure enough, even when just hooked up to the CD player, pressing the VOL+/- button on the TV remote made the soundbar independently change volume as well.


I want the soundbar plugged into the TV's Headphone Out jack because that was the only way to get variable sound output (using the digital out the sound is not variable).


The only "fix" I could come up with was locating where the remote sensor was on the soundbar and wrapping a few layers of black electrical tape around it. Doing so indeed stopped the soundbar from reacting as well when the TV volume buttons were pushed but that of course disables all remote control for the soundbar (like turning it on and off) which means I have to physically get up to turn the soundbar on and off which is kind of a drag.


In dealing with universal remotes over the years I've noticed that a lot of TV brands have multiple remote codes (ie, 0001, 1234, 5678, etc) that will work and I'm wondering if maybe I could get a universal remote and try "another set" of codes that would work with the TV but NOT cause the soundbar to react as well.


Any thoughts/help/ideas?

Again, my new TV is NS-40D510NA21.

As things are now, I have have black electrical tape to disable the soundbar responding (additionally) to the TV's volume buttons but I'd like to be able to turn the soundbar on/off via remote (but peeling off the black electrical tape would bring back the problem).


Has anyone had this issue before?

Does anyone know -- for THIS TV SPECIFICALLY -- are there multiple remote code "groups" that would work if I got a cheapie universal remote?


One last note: I have a Chunghop universal remote (from china via ebay) and it has a whole bunch of makers listed in the back. Insignia is not one. Still, every brand OTHER THAN INSIGNIA I have tried it with, the remote will eventually "find/locate" the right codes (there's an automatic code search function on the remote). Not for the Insignia. Went through it's entire cycle (twice) and never found the code set for this TV. Other brands, even lesser ones like Hisense and Haier, those TVs worked with this remote. Not the Insignia TV...


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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

Can't figure out how to edit on previous post so we'll just add new things I've just discovered here.


Apparently this was intentional, as the TV instructions don't say anything, but the Soundbar instructions state that using an Insignia TV remote will alter the volume of the soundbar.


One more thing, the Insignia TV remote seems to control every brand of TV I've tried it on, Hisense, Haier, LG. But the remotes from those Hisense Haier and LG TVs don't work on the Insignia TV. It almost seems as if the Insignia TV remote is sending out codes to work on every known brand.


I'm wondering, if I buy a universal remote from rca for instance, would the Insignia codes listed in the rca booklet only work on the Insignia TV only, or be the same blanket codes that activate any brand of TV just like the Insignia remote does?

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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

Welcome to our community, User2621810.


Some of my biggest frustrations with my home theater setup have been related to how or if a remote will control my devices the way I want. I'm sorry to hear you've encountered such obstacles with your own setup.


Firstly, Insignia remote controls have, to my knowledge, used the same code set now for at least a decade without change. There aren't sub-groups or alternate sets that a third-party universal remote control would have that Insignia remote controls would not. With that said, you may have some success with a more advanced universal remote control; I doubt that a basic model would offer any change in the behavior you've already experienced.


Secondly, since the sound bar behavior is called out in the product User Guide, what you've encountered would be considered as the unit functioning properly.


Lastly, I would recommend contacting Insignia Support at (877) 467-4289 for assistance troubleshooting your home theater products as our support team may have options you haven't tried. 


I hope this helps. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us.

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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

[ Edited ]

I just brought a Insignia NS43F301NA22 Tv and can't get the TV to program to my DishTV remote so I have just one remote. The remote codes listened are 3 digits but in the settings of for DishTV they are suppose to be 4 digits and even went through the model numbers listed on DishTV  twice and this TV is not listed. So what do I do to get this programmed?


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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

Hello, and welcome to our online community!


As someone who prefers to use one remote, I can understand wanting this addressed. I'd like the chance to follow up on this and assist. To ensure we investigate all our available options to assist you. I will need to verify some information, could you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Customer Service Pin (located bottom of receipt) or Order Number


I'll keep an eye out for your message.



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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

I have a recently purchased Insignia 50" F50 Series TV, Model NS-50F501NA22.  I have it connected to a Comcast cable box via HDMI-1. I have a Comcast/XFinity XR11 remote. Per the TV's User Manual, I used Universal Remote Code 10463 to be able to power the TV on/off and volume control. Power & Volume do work.  However, the remote is not selecting the input.  I can only change the input using the Insignia/Fire remote. Do I have a bad remote, or is this option not available?

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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

NS-32L550A11 tv. Trying to set up fire stick 4k and cannot get sound on remote. Cannot find Amazon or fire stick code in list.
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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread



Can a Cable TV Universal remote-control unit be programmed without the original remote control?

The bundled Amazon Alexa remote control is lost.


My TV Insignia™ - 24" Class F20 Series LED HD Smart Fire TV


My Old remote control from another Insignia TV, NS-RC4NA-18. It can be used to toggle the power switch on the new Amazon Fire TV. But on boot up, the TV tries to setup Amazon Fire and it wants to pair with an Alexa remote control. 


What can be done?

Should a replacement Amazon alexa remote be purchased or can a Cable TV universal remote be used instead?

Please help. 


Thank you. 


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Re: Insignia™ TV Remote Control Codes – Official Thread

Hey, nativenewyorker


Thank you for reaching out to us today on the Best Buy Forums page. You are able to use a Universal cable remote to program to that TV. But I wanted to let you know that your TV is a Amazon fire TV, so with using a basic universal cable remote some of the features will not work like the voice remote feature. I would suggest to get a Fire TV Replacement Remote for Insignia. You can click on the link below for the remote.


If you have any more questions, please let me know, 


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