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Insignia TV DVD not loading

 2012? Insignia TV DVD combo...25 inch.... Stopped loading DVDs...couldn't even get the cleaner disc to go in.

I was ready to open it myself and take a look inside. As I used to do with all our CD players & VCR units at home. But wasn't sure how careful we have to be now with all these new units. Was ready to go see if Best Buy could do anything, clean it up or such if it would help or was it just kaput. I mean if they were just going to open it up to clean, I could do that much here myself.

ANyway did the alcohol on the disc thing and it worked. Wasn't clear which side of the DVD to put the alcohol on, but figured the pressure on both sides could be gummed up, so I put it on both sides pretty wet. Hey, it's alcohol and it'll dry off.  Clean disc started to run. Used the alcohol a couple more times and then tried a movie, which worked. I'll start doing this as often as I use the cleaning disc from now on.

Many thanks for this forum thread. 

Not easy to figure out how to add a post to this thread. I was ready to give up Best Buy. YOu really hide the link or whatever it is     Katie

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Re: Insignia TV DVD not loading



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