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Insignia Roku TV remote stopped working - Now its working again

Yesterday my Insignia Roku TV stopped working.   My first thought was to change the batteries.    Didnt work.


So I started playing with the remote and some of the buttons appeared to have a response on the TV but not correct response.   ie.  the might have reponded to moving the selected item down when I pressed right and others didnt respond at all.


So I did a search and found a suggestion to remove batteries, press all buttons a few times or roll the remote buttons and put batteries back in.    Still no better.    Power cycled the TV just in case and still no better.


Just to make sure it wasnt the TV that was the problem I found an old harmony remote and programmed for TV and worked without a problem.     The geek squad online said take it back to store.   Not exactly the most helpful of responses.


So today I'm ready to go to store and thought hey, lets give it one more try before leaving and the remote is working as normal.    So really unsure of why that would be but its working now.

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Re: Insignia Roku TV remote stopped working - Now its working again

Good Afternoon Adrian'Spotty'Bowles,


Welcome to our community! We’re sorry to hear that your Insignia TV remote that came with your TV isn’t working as it should be. We understand how that could be a potential issue since your TV is one of the Roku Smart enabled ones.


At this time, you’ve already tried the normal troubleshooting advice we’d typically provide in these kinds of situations. Have you attempted to give our Insignia teams a call at (877) 467-4289 further assistance? They’d be best positioned to articulate the options available if your TV is still under warranty. Taking the TV back to the store may not be a productive option if you’re outside your manufacturer’s warranty.



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