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Insignia NS-22E450-A11 HDMI Redolution with PC connection

I am trying to adjust the horrible resolution i have from my HP laptop to the TV indicated.  I just replaced the VGA, which looked worlds better than the HDMI.  I went through all the options on the menu (using front panel options vs the lost remote). Please advise how to make this look better.  I do tons of graphics work, and would really like to stay on HDMI.

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Re: Insignia NS-22E450-A11 HDMI Redolution with PC connection

Hello CMN,

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The TV is going to display the highest quality signal that it can recognize, so you will most likely need to adjust the settings within the Computer/Control Panel/Display settings. The computer recognizes the TV capabilities over VGA better, but you can customize Display settings within the computer to best match the connection type you prefer using.

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