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Insignia FireTV Edition keeps losing connection


I purchased an Insignia FireTV at the end of November last year and it worked fine until sometime in the past two weeks. For some reason, the TV will keep dropping the internet connection. I’ll be in the middle of watching something on like Sling or YouTube, all will be fine for 15 minutes or so, then it just drops the connection. My WiFi is a 5G connection and none of my other devices lose service. I can load up streaming services on them, so it’s not my internet or whatever I’m streaming that’s the issue. I’ve restarted the tv multiple times and even resorted to resetting from factory settings at least three times in the past week. I contacted Amazon thinking they could help, but they told me the problem isn’t on their end and to contact Insignia support. I genuinely don’t know what happened because I didn’t change anything, but I’m kind of annoyed that this happened right after buying a second one of the same TV for a family member. I really hope this isn’t a common issue, or it’s at least an easy fix. I would really appreciate if someone could let me know what can be done to fix this problem.
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Re: Insignia FireTV Edition keeps losing connection

Good morning, steviej93, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for reaching out regarding the Wi-Fi connection on your Insignia FireTV! I've heard great things about this TV, so I'm sure you've been enjoying it up until this issue came along, causing quite a nuisance. It sounds like you've done quite a bit of troubleshooting yourself, between resets and checking other devices. As you've already reached out to Amazon for support, we too would encourage you to connect with Insignia for service, which you may reach out to at (877) 467-4289.


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Re: Insignia FireTV Edition keeps losing connection

Tasha, what great things have to heard as he hasn't even mentioned the model number? Do you have ESP? Did you hear about the numerous audio issues that have had the TV almost being recalled?

Back to Stevie. Did you try a direct cable connection (Ethernet) to the tv and if so does it still happen? We need to make sure it's not your router. The wired connection on these TVs are limited to 100Mbps but the wireless nets about 170Mbps down. I have a gigabit connection with my router about 6 feet away and that's the fastest I have ever gotten. Let me know if and when you've done that and we can move onto the next troubleshooting method.