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Insignia Fire TV will not accept input from any AVR

Just purchased a NS-70F301NA23. I have a very simple setup..a PS4 hdmi to input 1 on my AVR, output of AVR hdmi to input 1 of the TV. I set the AVR to input 1 and the TV to input 1 and I get no no video on the TV.

I've tried multiple avr's, multiple gaming systems, tried using other inputs on the avr, other inputs on the tv, brand new hdmi input coming from any avr can be displayed on the tv. I can unplug the hdmi coming from the ps4 from the avr and plug it directly into the tv and get video fine.

What am I missing here, this shouldn't be that complicated for this setup.
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Re: Insignia Fire TV will not accept input from any AVR

Hi, PiperCalls,


Congratulations on your new television purchase! Anytime we are trying to make multiple devices work together there always seem to be bumps in the road. It sounds like you are on the correct troubleshooting path, the methodology you describe hasn't left anything out. While I am not an audio/video expert the first question that comes to mind is the age of the receivers. If the receivers are not passing through the proper HDCP signals then you may not get an image on the display. I would recommend double checking the HDCP version of the receivers you are using. I am sure our other amazing forum members will have some more advice for you, but I hope I have at least pointed you in the right direction! Would you mind sending a message with the information below so that I can document our interaction on our Corporate systems? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!


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