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Insignia Fire TV 39 inch not signing in to Amazon after password reset

I reset my Amazon password today and had it sign out of all devices.  When I turned my TV on it went to the Amazon authorization browser screen to sign in again and once I signed in with my new password, did the secondary verification it just went back to the same browser screen again.  I have tried to sign in about 15 times and it just keeps going back to this screen.  I have uplugged the tv for a minute and plugged it back in again to try and reset it and that doesn't work.  The remote is working fine and it will let me go to other apps using the buttons on the remote (Netflix, Prime, IMDB and Hulu) but it will not go to and stay on the home screen when I press the home button, it goes there and then the Amazon auth browser pops up again.  Can you please tell me how to get it to sign in or how to do a factory reset so that I can reset the whole tv and start again?  Thank you!

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Re: Insignia Fire TV 39 inch not signing in to Amazon after password reset

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Hello there, clacya,


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To factory reset the TV, press and hold at the same time the back and right buttons for at least 20 seconds. A popup screen will appear with a 20-second auto-reset timer or to cancel.


If further assistance is needed, please contact Insignia support at (877) 467-4289 or by Email.


All the best!

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