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Insignia 55" Fire Edition TV won't stay connected to Alexa

I have a 3 week old Insignia 55 Class LED 2160p Smart 4K. UHD TV with HDR Fire TV Edition
Model: NS-55DF710NA19
SKU: 6245800

I have been working on fixing the problem I have with my Echo Dot working with this Fire Edition TV. I have been back and forth from Amazon Echo support, their fire tv support and Insignia support. They make attempts to fix the problem but wind up sending me to the other team, "Amazon our product is working it's a TV issue" sent to "Insignia our product is working it's an echo issue" sent back to Amazon etc. etc. etc.  I went back and forth 4 times Last Thursday night before I finally got tired of bouncing around after 4 hours. Here's what happens. If I unlink my echo from the fire tv then relink it the echo controls the tv perfectly for about an hour maybe 2. Once it decides it's worked long enough she simply says "Doesn't support that" when I issue the command to turn off the fire tv or turn on the fire tv. An unlink and relink gets it going again. The main thing that stops working is the on off function, other functions once you get it on work partially as long as you are in the app you want to work with.  Pretty disappointed in this since the soal reason I bought this TV was to control it with my echo dot. Anybody have any suggestions?



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Re: Insignia 55" Fire Edition TV won't stay connected to Alexa

Good Afternoon MarkJ1,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thank you for choosing an Insignia TV. We’re sorry to hear that it’s not working as you were expecting.


Have you tried to power cycle your TV? What about resetting it back to the factory settings? We apologize that our friends over the phone at (877) 467-4289 may not have been able to assist you. We look forward to your reply to learn more about what troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken.



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Re: Insignia 55" Fire Edition TV won't stay connected to Alexa

I appreciate your response to my plea for help. Yes I have power cycled the TV several times. Have Power cycled the WIFI which is hard wired so no loss fof internet when I test that cat 5 at the TV it's at least 80 mbs and better. I have reset the TV back to factory spec and reset it up. I have also deregistered dot, reset the dot back to factory spec. The only thing that does anything is unlink/relink the dot to the TV then only for a couple hours. Tech support for Amazon has deregistered he TV and I reregistered. They tried to us the insignia connect app ( I don't think this is needed) it didn't help anyway it could not find any new components when I did  a discovery on the Alexa app. Tried a different Dot in a different part of the house.Have the most recent os and firmware on both the TV and the Echo Dot. I'm at a loss here. Once again thanks for reaching out. looking forward to trying anything you might suggest.