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Hooking up a Vizio VSB 200 soundbar to a NS-42P650A11

I had recently bought a NS-42P650A11 and wanted to hook it up to a Vizio VSB 200 sound bar via a digital optical cable; however, I only get a humming sound. I had verified that the sound bar works fine by hooking it up (via RCA cables) to a standard DVD player. I was told by Vizio that the audio output setting should be changed from AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) to PCM. I didn't see any such option when I had went into the menu on the TV. Help!

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Re: Hooking up a Vizio VSB 200 soundbar to a NS-42P650A11

Hello douc66,

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When connecting the digital out with the TV tuner as a source, the TV will output 5.1 (when available) or 2.0, if the source is a digital connection such as a BR player or Cable box (connected through HDMI or Component). This will be done automatically by the TV, meaning that PCM will be selected when using those 2.0 sources and RAW on the other case. If you are experiencing sound issues, please check that the Sound parameters are set correctly on your TV, my advice will be to change SRS TruSurround HD, so it downmixes the 5.1 if you are using the TV DTV tuner, also check that on Equalizer 's level is set to the correct Hz. Lastly, be sure that Speaker Select is enabling external Speakers.    



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