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HDMI ports not working

I have an Insignia NS-46E570A11 since 2010-2011. It was working fine until  the HDMI's ports stop working, the curious thing is that the component ports are working.  The only things the I have connected to the TV is the satellite TV, a DVD and the sound system. Fortunally I was able to plug the DVD throught the component, but my satellite box doesn't have that option. Any suggestions or ideas? Is it usefull if I upgrade the firmware?  Thaks in advance

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Re: HDMI ports not working

Hello PerlazaNF,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

The HDMI ports connect to the TV through their own board, so that may have failed, leaving the other inputs still functioning. Due to that, repair/replacement would be the necessary steps in order to get the satellite box connected. The other option is if the Surround Sound has both HDMI and component connections, you may be able to run the Satellite to the Surround Sound via HDMI, and then from the Surround Sound to the TV via Component.

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