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Green screen video

My smart tv is displaying words and pictures perfectly fine but when I want to watch a show(I’ve tried Netflix and Hulu) the video for the show was just a plain green screen with audio. I restarted the tv and now it’s a green screen with the “fuzziness” that you see on a PPV channel that you haven’t paid for. Is this something I can fix?
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Re: Green screen video

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Re: Green screen video

Hello, parrbar.


Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our Forums! 


Here we can provide assistance with any issue or questions you may have about anything. I had a similar issue with my Sony TV a couple of months ago, I understand your frustration. There are a couple of things that could be causing this issue on these apps. I would personally recommending these simple fixes to see if they solve your problem. 


  1. Shut down the app then boot it up again.
  2. Delete the app from your TV and install the app again.
  3. Factory reset your television.

Option 2 solved my problem with my TV and I think these solutions should fix your issue. If you problem continues, please reach out to us via Private Message where we can go into further detail and see if its another issue. Please let us know.


Thank you,

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