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Disabling wifi on an Insignia Roku TV

Just wanted to offer a solution regarding a previously closed topic.  The Rokus that were built into older Insignia Roku TVs are pretty much obsolete and also require wifi, but you can use the TV with another streaming device via HDMI.  Just reset your Insignia TV to the factory settings.  It will then prompt you through the setup (e.g., language, inputs, etc.)  Assign the your streaming device to the appropriate HDMI channel.  When prompted to set up wifi, opt to set it up later.  That disables the blinking light, so I assume it disables the wifi search, turning the TV into a dummy display for whatever you've hooked up to it. Just be sure not to allow it to search for wifi signals during setup, which would require you to reset the TV once again and start over.  Someone had suggested physically ripping out the wifi module, which would certainly fix the problem, but this is much easier.  If you want to use ethernet instead of wifi, the old Roku 3's and Premier+ Rokus have ethernet ports.