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Computer Image Blurry

When first turning my computer on while the tv is on VGA mode everything is fine, but if I switch to TV mode and switch back my image from the computer becomes very blurry. Restarting the computer corrects the issue. Does anyone have any issues?


I am using VGA to connect my laptop to my Insignia TV ns-22e450a11.

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Re: Computer Image Blurry

Hello computerman92,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!


My advise will be, as a first step, to double check you are selecting a valid resolution for the TV (sometimes when you push a not valid resolution, it will allow you to get an image but certain problems, like the one that seems to be appearing). Newer Windows versions will provide the optimum resolution for the TV type.


Also, once you configured the video card, let the TV auto adjust the computer image. In order to do that, just access the Menu and select Settings where you will find the Computer Settings option and once there the Auto Adjust one.



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