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Closed Captions WON'T TURN OFF! - Remote dead...

Hi I have an old Insignia ns-lcd27fs HDTV and I can't get rid of the closed captions!! 


There's no option in the menu, using the controls on the TV, to disable the captions.



I'm using a Rogers digital cable box and the Insignia remote is not working. 


I see there's a CCD button on the remote, but unfortunately I don't know the Insignia remote code for the Insignia TV.  


Seems like you MUST use the original remote to disable CC (silly). 



Does anyone know how to get rid of the CC without the remote? If not, what about the codes to reprogram the remote to work with the TV again? Thanks. 









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Re: Closed Captions WON'T TURN OFF! - Remote dead...

Hello johnballantine1,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

Unfortunately for this unit the remote is required for Closed Caption control. You can try programming your Rogers remote with 2049, or
1326. If those codes will not give the Closed Caption functionality, you can also look into ordering a replacement remote through using Part # TV-5620-58.

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