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Cannot connect the Surround Sound System to my new Insignia TV

A few months ago, I bought a new TV - Insignia 4k, Model: NS-55DR620NA18 - and today I attempted to install my surround sound system to the television, but everything that I have tried has been futile. No matter what I do, I simply cannot get the sound to work on the television!


My surround sound is an older model - Panasonic, Model: SA-PT480 - and at first I tried connecting it by the easiest method I know how by connecting the TV and surround sound with a red/white AUX cable...this did not work (the AUX cable is how I had it connected to my old Sanyo TV and it worked beautifully, so this is absolutely baffling me...)


After attempting this, I connected an HDMI cable to the ARC ports on both the television and the surround sound system. This does work, but it only works for the built-in DVD player on the sound system; I could honestly care less about the DVD player working because I've never even used it before.


I begun to tinker with the settings on the television after this failed attempt, so I went to the 'Audio' settings and tried every option possible on the S/PDIF and ARC tab, I tried disabling the TV speakers, and even went to the 'Control Other Devices (CEC)' tab in System Settings. I attempted turning on the 'ARC (HDMI 3)' and the 'System Audio Control,' but this does not work either.


When the surround sound is on and I click "Search for CEC Devices," it says that the 'HDMI 3: Playback 1' device is found, but below that it also says "No audio devices found."


I have spent my knowledge on this and I do not know what to do to rectify the situation, so I came here in the hopes that someone else can help solve the issue?  Am I missing something here, or is my sound system simply not compatible with this TV model...? Any and all help is truly appreciated, and I thank you in advance for your help.


PS: On the surround sound system's remote, I also cycled through the different inputs to make sure it was on the right one, and neither the AUX or ARC inputs made any difference.

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Re: Cannot connect the Surround Sound System to my new Insignia TV

Hi there, NinjaButterly,


Thanks for joining us here on the forum, and congratulations on your new Insignia™ 4K TV! Surround sound really does complete the viewing experience, in my opinion, so I’m sure you’re ready to get this system up and running. First, I’d like to ask a few questions so I can get a better understanding of your particular situation.


Does the sound on your TV work when no external speakers are plugged into it? Have you tried connecting any other external speakers to the TV, and if so, did you have any success with that? When was the last time you processed a full power cycle on your TV? Did that seem to remedy any issue(s)?


I look forward to hearing from you.

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