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Black Box

When viewing my Insignia IS-TV040919 I get a black bos which pops up on the screen. The box is in the middle of the screen and takes up about 80% of the picture. The box can be blank or sometimes has numbers letters and symbols apear in it. This happens wheather I am viewing through a cable box or on antena. What's the deal? Any suggestions?
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Re: Black Box

Hello larryquilon ,

From the description that you gave me, I believe that you have the closed caption feature on.

Your TV can display the closed captions that are broadcasted with certain TV programs. These captions are usually subtitles, and they will be displayed in two modes: CAPTION and TEXT.
- Caption mode: shows dialogue and commentaries for TV programs  providing a clear picture of the program.
- Text mode: shows information not related to the program, such as TV program schedules and weather forecasts.

In TEXT mode, part of the picture may be covered by text, and when the Close Caption is activated and that channel does not broadcast any text or subtitles, a black box appears instead.

It might have been that this CCD button was accidentally pressed and therefore, you see this big black box showing up on the screen. To turn it off, press the CCD button repeatedly on the remote control until you get CCD off or Close Caption off on screen.
If after pressing the button, you are still getting the black box, try unplugging the TV and leave it off for 2 minutes.

I hope this helps.  Thank you for bringing your concern to the forums!



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