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Audio pumping, or going out of sync

My Insignia Fire TV was not playing well with my Yamaha soundbar.
The setting for Home>Settings>Display and Sounds>Audio Output>Digital Audio Format was set to "Auto," the default. The result was 2 sets of processors messing with the signal with unexpected and unwanted results.
2 solutions work for this - 
Set audio output to "Passthrough" or "PCM"

Both seem to work about the same.
I could never get HDMI audio to work - I'm using the Optical cable.. I'm wondering if the same audio goes through either way? 
 - or, if I'm going to use HDMI, what do the settings have to be to get it to work?

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Re: Audio pumping, or going out of sync

Hello, Jon,


I can understand that there is sometimes a disconnect with televisions and sound bars (no pun intended). If you could provide the model numbers for your sound bar and Television I would be glad to look into possible connection types. You always  want to take advantage of the EARC or the ARC with an HDMI for the best sound. Please Private Message your name, email and phone number so I can find the best answer if the previous doesn't help.



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Re: Audio pumping, or going out of sync

Hi Thomas - thanks for getting on the thread !
50" Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (Model # NS-50F301NA22)
Yamaha Sound Bar YAS-209BL

I never could get the HDMI to work - using Optical now...