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Apple TV/ Run Auto Channel Scan

Hi! I've tried to follow other threads, but I only have have an Apple TV and my BluRay connected to my Insignia TV and haven't found a solution on the forum. 


Basically, every time I hit the back arrow on my Apple TV remote, the TV prompts me to Run Auto Channel Scan. The solution is going back to HDMI 3 (which is what my apple tv is on). I've tried resetting the remote & my apple tv, but neither have fixed the issue. Since I don't have cable or satellite hooked up, I can't run the auto channel scan. Any tips? Thank you!

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Re: Apple TV/ Run Auto Channel Scan

Hello danbon,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

The auto channel search just means that you are on the TV input and not receiving a signal. Since you only have HDMI devices connected you do not need to run the scan at all, just need to select the input. Is your Apple TV remote programmed to the TV at all? It seems that the Apple remote is sending a signal to the TV to change inputs. 

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