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65” insignia F30 notification screen

So I have a new 65” fire tV which is about 2 weeks old
It was working fine until my daughter signed into the tv with Amazon prime info…when I turned the tv on and went to my cable input the picture was black and white which was very weird. Tried restarting and nothing. I then did a factory reset and the color came back however now “no new notifications” is stuck on the screen when I go to my cable input. Tried updating the tv and factory resetting and this notification transparent screen does not go away. It only goes away when I go to the fire tV apps. Whenever I go to my cable box input it stays there. Oh also when I leave it alone it automatically goes to sort of like a screensaver after a few minutes but you can hear the cable tv audio in the background. Please help this is very frustrating
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Re: 65” insignia F30 notification screen

Hello, djlegacy.


Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our Forums Support Page. 


Here we can provide support or insight for any situation that might happen. Getting a new Tv should be a exiting occasion and I do understand your frustration. I do want to take a more detailed look into what's happening and see if we can provide support for your situation. When you can would you be able to reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number if the Tv was ordered? Having this info will help me make a case file for your situation. Please let me know as soon as possible. 


Thank you,

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