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50" Plasma swivel base screws

I just moved and managed to lose the 4 screws that hold the TV to the swivel base. Does anyone here know what the size is or where I might be able to pick some up? THe model number is NS-PDP50HD-09. Thanks in advance

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Re: 50" Plasma swivel base screws

Hello aaronhoy,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

I've been in contact with our parts expert, but we are unable to locate the specs for the screws you need. It doesn't speak well of us, I know, and I apologize for the inconvenience. The necessary screw is mostly likely M4, M5, or M6, but we can find no information on the length. You an easily find screws of this type at an automotive part supplier or hardware store. Please know that we deeply regret not having a better answer for you.

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