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32"Led TV insignia

Model # NS-32D220NA16. Rating: DC 12V = 5A. Someone gave this TV. I could swear I've watched TV on it in the past. I have the remote but can't find the adapter to plug it into wall. I found one that gave me a picture but it kept going on and off . When I unplugged it the big part that went into wall was hot.
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Re: 32"Led TV insignia

Due to forum terms and conditions, I am unable to post any third party links that don't have to do with Best Buy, but if this is a part that is defective, there are third party manufacturers who actually make adapters for this. I saw a couple for $10 to $15 depending on where you buy it. Keep in mind that OEM parts may not be fullly compatible and to always ask sellers questions before buying. 


FYI I went to the Best Buy Parts Store website and looked for your model and the power cord is no longer available on that site.

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Re: 32"Led TV insignia

Wrong wattage adapter. Be careful you could start a fire with the wrong output wattage coming out of your outlet through an adapter that's not adaptable to a higher watt.